Portals of Welcome

Port of Entry.  

US Port of Entry Blaine Washington - BLAINE / WASHINGTON - APRIL 13, 2017

How many times have you traveled in America and you had to stop at a Port of Entry to get to the next State?

I have done just that for years.  There is always a legal way to enter a home – a store – a State – a Country.

Port of Entries are placed throughout our Country for a purpose.  So can I say, “The Port of Entry is not placed there so that you can figure out another way to get through?”

We have leaders in our Country who spend all their time battling against truths, laws, order to allow unknown people passage into our Country.  They know absolutely nothing about these people.

In Colorado this week, protesters took down an American flag and replaced it with a Mexican flag.  That’s right!  You read that correctly.

What is next?

Retirement is right around the corner for me.

So what is next for me?

Letting my voice be heard.  Finding ways to help others find their voices.  Travel.  Stories.  Real stories. Stories about everyday American Citizens.  No Fake News along the way.  As I travel, I will respect the port on entries.  Not sure how it will all look, but I am confident that in the coming year, you will hear more from this Grandma.





Land of the FREE

America’s Birthday is almost here – just two days away.

I wonder what will be on the minds and hearts of those who live in this county?

flag and fireworks

I am so tired of social media – news media – and whatever reporters call themselves.  I am tired of so-called journalists who can’t even write a story without misspelled words.  I am tired of the hatred.  I am tired of those who are offended all the time – wanting others to coddle them.

I am tired of the likes of  the “kaepers”  out there disrespecting our Country.  They whine and we are all suppose to just accept it.

I am tired of the “aoc’s” out there who lie about everything and news reporters honoring those  lies and disrespect.

I am tired of the “pelosi’s” who can’t even carry-on a normal conversation.  Talking with your hands and mumbling because its even hard for you to believe what you are saying anymore.

I am tired of the corruption surrounding  the term “illegal immigrants.”  I am tired of those who hide out in the dark funding these poor people and telling them lies.  I am tired of our representatives who can’t even do their job.

I am tired of those who stomp on our veterans.

I am tired of the murder of babies and those telling me a woman has a right to do what she wants because it is her body.  Really?  Is that the best we can do?

What does July 4th mean to you and your family?

How will you celebrate our Country’s Birthday?

If you don’t love your Country – your Freedom maybe it is time to leave and find another land where you can wallow away in your self-pity.

I know that I am not alone.  I know that there are many out there who are tired of all the lies – the disrespect – the hatred – the bullying.

For me – July 4th will always be a celebration of Freedom.  It will be a day of honoring those who gave their lives freely that I might remain in freedom.  It will a day of honoring our Veterans.  It will be a day of celebrating life.

What will the 4th be for you?



The House of Toddlers

Once in our country, there was a place that was called the House of Representatives. Its hard to remember what their job was.  And maybe even today, there are many who do not know.


In reality, they are there to represent the people from their hometown.  Their districts.  They are the voice of the people.  But something happened. An invasion. A revolution of sorts. An explosion.

37209438 - vector cartoon colorfull crying baby isolated background

At sometime, somewhere, toddlers revolted and they have not left the house.  They are in every room, waiting for an adult to enter so that they can throw tantrums.


They must be dealt with one-on-one. Removed physically and taken home.  To some place that they can be taken care of.

For many of these representatives, they have been left far too long in the house and there has been many explosions taking place and someone needs to deal with the messy diapers left behind.

And in many districts, the mess has flowed out into their streets and left.  No one speaks of the mess. No one asks who is going to clean up this mess.  Its like, if we wait long enough, it will disappear – just like the toddlers with overflowing sewage.

As the people in this country, we have the right to remove them.  There is a time and place coming soon that we can do this. It is up to the people to clean out their districts and bring sanity back in many ways.  It will take time, but it can be done.

Who is your representative? Or better yet, who is your toddler representing you? Find out what they are doing and if they have messy diapers, you might consider helping to remove the mess.



Temper Tantrums

The last few days, I can hardly view any social media news – even the regular news.

It’s the same old thing – over and over and over again!

Ground Hog Day intensified.

So as I sit this morning, enjoying morning coffee, temper tantrums came to mind.

Naughty kids (siblings) fighting mother's attention, jealous girl tugging her mother's hand, little toddler boy crying. Mum carrying third child, little baby in baby sling. Hand drawn illustration.

Being a grandma, I have seen more than my share of temper tantrums over the years.  I have experienced the small child that follows you from room to room throwing their little self on the floor, hoping to break me so that he/she may have their way.  Even though most of the time, that child doesn’t really know what it wants or needs.

So this morning, I started to punch through news media, and I had to come to a halt.  What in the world am I doing.?  As I open up a page, its just a reminder of another tantrum being thrown. Never ending. Ongoing for over two years. When will it end?

In social media and in society, I go about and I see not just one toddler throwing a tantrum, but I see thousands upon thousands – day after day – throwing themselves out there on the ground, in public, with the same tantrum.

I am not even talking toddlers.  I am talking adults acting like toddlers.  Leaders acting like toddlers.  Throwing fits everywhere!

I declare today, “That is not news! It is nothing more than a bunch of ill-behaved adults throwing fits to get their way.  And remind you, for over two years now!

As a grandma, I am tired of it.  As a human being, I am tired of it.

Need I remind others, that we are to be growing up – maturing – learning how to respond to one another without all the fits?

So today, I just closed the page and said I am not staying in this room filled with a bunch of toddlers throwing themselves on the ground. And I am going to continue to close those pages with the ranting and raving – the lies and deception, and go about my journey of encouraging others to seek out love and find ways to be creative and encouraging.

So today, I am done! I’m thinking its time to go out and enjoy nature!

yellow flower.jpg

Pocket Full of Pansies

That is a thought that came to mind this morning.  Out of nowhere! Just like that – I said it!


I have heard the saying, “pocket full of posies,” so this is a first for me with pansies.


So the creativity began bubbling up within and I had to do a little research.

Pansies are the colorful flowers with “faces.” A cool-weather favorite, pansies are great for both spring and fall gardens! Here’s how to keep your pansies growing and blooming. Pansies have heart-shaped, overlapping petals and one of the widest ranges of bright, pretty colors and patterns. (The Old Farmer’s Almanac)

So, where is this leading?

Creativity. We are lacking creativity in our lives. We are so busy destroying one another, that we no longer encourage one another. We have become a pocket full of weeds. Keep weeds in your pocket (no pun intended) and it starts to stink.

Where have the pansies gone? Those with faces of individuality, blooming in full force in fields of creativity?

Love that pansies are heart-shaped. What has happened to our hearts?  Are they filled with love or has the stinky weeds of hatred consumed them all?

As a nation, we need to clean out the stinky weeds and get to planting some pansies to carry with us – pockets full of pansies.


Pledge of Allegiance

I grew up in an era of respect.  Respect for our Country.  Respect for our elders.  Respect for one another.

I was taught to be careful with my words.

So today, I thought what about our Pledge of Allegiance?  What does it say?  SO I have decided to take it a part to focus in on the words.  Words that I have spoken for many years.  I am a grandmother – so don’t be surprised when I say that I am 69 years old.  Yep!  Almost what is considered a life time!

One thought caught my eye today.  Francis Bellamy wrote the original words years ago and are you ready for this?

Francis Bellamy was a Baptist minister and a Christian socialist.  Yep!  You read that right.

A socialist wrote those words!

Today I am taking in the first few words while sitting on a stump in my yard:


I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands.

Two points to ponder on the stump:

  1. United States
  2. Republic

United.  That means we are in agreement to the laws of the land.

Republic.  The power is found in the people.  Everyone’s vote counts! AND that means people who are citizens of the United States.

Now.  I am not going to do all of your thinking for you.  Or all the researching.  But please go to reliable sources to gather your information.

You need to find your own stump to sit on and do a little pondering today or at least soon!

May the force go with you!

I’m Sorry

Simple. Words. Yet. So. Difficult. To. Say.

Why is that?  Why is it so hard to say I am sorry?


I have worked with children most of my life.  I have seen many children have difficulty saying those words.  And yet, once they are said with a true heart, the words heal their little souls.

Yep!  Every time!

In our mess today, here in America, there are many leaders – examples who have positions out there in public.  For two years some of these leaders have spouted untruths, a.k.a  lies, and are now being faced with making those wrongs right.

What will they do?  Will they just pretend it never happened?  Will they just get angry and refuse?  What will they do?

Remember.  Always.  Saying that you are sorry brings healing to your soul.  Deep down forgiveness.