Rewarded for DIS

We have just finished a year of “DIS!”

I don’t want to hold your phone and do your reasoning. 

Hand holding a phone, pop art illustration

This blog is to help you do your own reasoning.  It is a great brain exercise.

Over the past couple of years, I was never quite able to put my finger on the problem at hand.  But this morning, it came to me!  As clear as a Spring morning after a dark and cold Winter.


There has been a whole lot of dissing going on!  Plain and simple!

To “Dis,” is to do the opposite of.  Take a look at a few words below:

Respect                                 Disrespect

Unity                                     Disunity

Agree                                    Disagree

Obedience                           Disobedience

Think about it!  People have been rewarded for dissing!

From a grandma’s heart, that can never work.  It keeps you from being your best.  It keeps you from a journey of delight – of discovery – of joy.  It keeps everyone down.

I see a society dissing its people.  Destroying them.  The name calling has become horrendous.

I have two words in my vocabulary that can work miracles at time.  Two simple words that can change your attitude – your destructive path.  Are you ready?


Yep!  Just stop it!

It is not intended to be cruel – or ugly.  But it is intended to protect you.  To protect your surroundings.

Those words need to be repeated to our Country’s leadership.  Stop it!  Stop dissing us!  Step up and do what is right!

Stop the dividing.  Stop the name calling.  Stop the ugliness.  Just “Stop it!”


This past Christmas Season, there were actually people trying to silence an old song; “Baby It’s Cold Outside!”  I won’t go into details – it’s not necessary.

So I decided to look up the word dissing and see if there are any dissing songs out there!  Boy was I blown away!  And I can tell you that I won’t waste my time to hear the words either.

What needs to happen this New Year!  Stop it!  Stop the dissing!  Then replace it with something of value.

I am not going to do your thinking for you – but I do encourage you to take time to look at what is happening around you.

Well, that’s it!  That’s all I have for today.


2 thoughts on “Rewarded for DIS

  1. I agree. The disrespect that underscores the hate for people who think differently stuns me and scares me, especially as I had hoped we were past it as a nation. That is wins elections around the world means we need to be praying diligently for the world and for our nation and each other. It is hard to hate someone when praying for them. Congratulations on a new blog. I Pray for your absolute success as defined in God’s call on your life.


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