I Believe in You

Oh the messes that our colleges and  universities are making of our young adults.  They are dragging them down and telling them that they are not capable of handling “life!”

Basically saying, they are losers.

But I am saying that is not truth!  I am tired of watching a handful of people striving to destroy our youth and not allow them to become great and mighty in their destinies.

Believe Sand

I have seen moms and dads raising up their children to be strong.

I am also seeing these same kiddos being targeted for failure.

I am speaking from a grandma’s heart.

I have attached an article for you to consider today.  It doesn’t require bashing one another, but what it does require is that we stop and think!

The Blame Game

To all my grandchildren and to all the ones that I have adopted along the way:

You are so much more than this mess that surrounds you!  I believe in you!

You have grown up in difficult times.  No doubt!  But I also know that you are above the mess that surrounds you.

Take steps this year to hear other voices around you.  Voices that are encouraging you to be all that you can be.  No matter how insignificant it may feel.  Start in your own family.  Your own community.  And then surround yourself with cheerleaders willing to walk along side of you.

Believe this today:  There is a grandma out there who believes in me.  Now go find others.

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