Blue Jays Caravan

As I sat enjoying my first cup of coffee this morning, I heard a little song bird come to the deck outside in beautiful song.  That is their way of letting me know that I need to put out some bird seed.

The first time that I heard one of their voices, I thought it must be a big bird outside.  But I soon discovered the hearty sound came from a song bird.  I have discovered that we have many types of birds in the woods behind our home.

birds singing

The song birds live around in the bushes and any place that they can find to stay warm in the winter months.  It amazes me how a being so small can survive through the Indiana winters at times.  But they do.  And I try to help by putting out food for them.

So I put out some seed and enjoyed the little birds coming into feed and singing songs of praise.

I walk away to get a second cup of coffee, and the next thing I know there is squawking and cawing going on.  I go to the back door, and see about eight blue jays that came into the community and had swooped down and eaten everything that I had just put out in 30 seconds or less.

I must say that I was a little upset!  How dare those big birds come and take from my little song birds!

Then I thought, what a great analogy!

Today, our country is divided on how to solve the problem of a large group that swooped down and are trying to come into our country illegally and take from those who have been here a long time.

The real problem?  Not working together to find a solution!

All the birds have to eat!  All the birds have to provide for their little ones!  How can I help the community problem?

I realized that I should have put some of the feed into the little bird feeder and put some out on the railing for the bigger birds.  The bigger birds could have eaten and the little ones would still have had some left.  (I just heard one of the song birds chirping in agreement!)

Hatred.  Hatred does a lot to the hearts of people.  Right now our hatred towards one another is bigger and stronger than trying to find a solution.  Sad but true.

I hope that our leaders will come together next week with less hatred in their hearts and more of a desire to find a solution for the problem.

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