Stranger Danger

I am willing to bet that there are many of you out there in a younger generation that learned those words:

Stranger Danger

I know that my children were taught those words.  They came from a military and police family.  At a very young age they knew the dangers that were out there.

Unexpected meeting, business competition.

Stranger danger wasn’t put out there to say that everyone out there would harm them.  It was meant to be a caution until we know.

Sadly, our country is split right now.  And the dividing line widens everyday.  It widens mainly from misinformation.

When we don’t protect our country, we are not being careful in protecting our citizens.  We must be aware of who is crossing our borders.  We can’t just bury our heads in the sand and pretend that it will be okay – that it will all work out.

Walls at our borders help slow down those who are crossing our borders illegally.  There will always be those who are good people – looking for a better life.  And yet there will always be those who come to harm our people.  AND BECAUSE of that reason, we must listen to our border agents and hear what they need to protect us.  They are out there doing it everyday – they know.

We don’t know what is needed because we are not there.  We only hear a lot of arguing going on – that becomes unreasonable.  Maybe if each one of us spent just one day shadowing one of the border agents, our hearts would change and say, “Give our border agents what they need!”

There are children who are traveling in these groups of illegal aliens who already know what a “stranger danger” person is.  They are being abused as they cross desert land.  They need to be able to come through the proper gate so that they can be protected.

I have lived a life-time already.  I have seen so many different changes in our country.  Some for good.  Some not so good.  But America has a good foundation.  Evil people want to destroy those solid foundations not for good – but for evil and selfish ways.

We must keep the foundations of our country.  And we must come together with sincere hearts to protect those foundations. We must be reasonable.  We must be of sound mind.

And more than anything, we must hear the hearts of our border patrol.


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