Become as a Child

Have you ever been around four year old children?  Have you ever had the privilege of teaching them?

I Have!

There is something magical and glorious about that age.  They are like little sponges soaking up everything around them.  They believe in justice – in fairness.  And they believe in mercy.

girl sitting under tree

At this age, they are truly discovering who their are.  It is a time where a human being truly relates to one another.  Given the right teacher, these little sponges become great cheerleaders.  Yes!  Cheerleaders.  They start realizing that they are not all just a like – but unique.  Unique in their gifting.

It is definitely a great year of discovery!

Expectations.  As adults, we have expectations of children knowing how to be well behaved – well mannered.  If a child is acting up, we expect a parent to get that child under control.  Get them under control or get them out of the room!

I learned a lot from teaching four year old children.  A time forever treasured in my heart.

Today, we could learn a lot from a 4-year old.

I am thinking it might be beneficial for our leaders to take a refresher course of a 4-year old student.  They would learn a lot about how to treat one another.  They would learn how to say, “I am sorry,” amongst a lot of other cheerleading sayings.

Years ago, I spent time with my grandchildren sitting out under a tree – doing nothing but enjoying one another.  I can still hear those treasured words so long ago, “Grandma, can we do this again?”

Yep!  The simple things in life are true treasures!


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