An Unexpected Lesson

Lessons come in many shapes and sizes.  Lessons come from young and old alike.  For many it comes in unexpected ways.

lesson unexpected

I realized this morning, that I have learned a lesson over the past couple of years from my President.  Yes, that’s right!  My President!

He has taught me how to stand against bullying.  He has taught me how to stand against lies – and deceit – and hatred.  He keeps moving forward working on the promises that he made while campaigning for presidency.

I see people everyday struggling with life in general.  And many of them are lying flat out on the ground and are unable to get up!  Defeated.  Heartbroken.

But each and everyday for the past two years, President Trump gets up and continues on – doing what he promised he would do.

That to me is worth something.

Be on the look out each and every day for little lessons – little nuggets that encourage you to continue on your journey.  Strive to find the good in people.  Strive to help another to believe that they can get up – clean their face – and move forward.

Thank you Mr. President.

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