Learning to share is one of the first goals in life.  Little ones do not like to share.  And it takes some great techniques to encourage them to share things with others.

That is why I find it so amazing that in our government, so many leaders have forgotten how to share.


As kids get a little older, one thing they like to do at lunch time is to see what everyone else brought for lunch.  It is a common sight at lunch to share with others what you have brought for lunch.  I have seen kiddos bargaining at the lunch table with others.

I thought of an example just with fruit.  Between several different children, an average day would see some grapes, oranges, bananas, and apples.  It would not be uncommon to see the bargaining start with I will give you five grapes for one-half of your orange.

It always works out well when each one is willing to share equally.

But every once in awhile, where you have a child or two who are more interested in their own desires than that of others, the bargaining doesn’t go so well.  And sometimes you will see the bargaining almost become bullying.  Yes,  that is what I said.  Bullying.

This is what we are seeing within our government leaders right now.  Those that only want their way and they are going to get it at the cost of all others. I am thinking some of these leaders forgot their skills learned in preschool and kindergarten.

I know a lot of people who are tired of the bickering and complaining and deceit taking place in Washington DC all for politics and not for the welfare of citizens.

It would be most beneficial for Washington DC to host preschoolers to teach them how to share – to have a refresher course in kindness – in sharing.

I mean, even my dogs know how to share!

Even Dogs Know How to Share

Just saying.

Become as a Child

Have you ever been around four year old children?  Have you ever had the privilege of teaching them?

I Have!

There is something magical and glorious about that age.  They are like little sponges soaking up everything around them.  They believe in justice – in fairness.  And they believe in mercy.

girl sitting under tree

At this age, they are truly discovering who their are.  It is a time where a human being truly relates to one another.  Given the right teacher, these little sponges become great cheerleaders.  Yes!  Cheerleaders.  They start realizing that they are not all just a like – but unique.  Unique in their gifting.

It is definitely a great year of discovery!

Expectations.  As adults, we have expectations of children knowing how to be well behaved – well mannered.  If a child is acting up, we expect a parent to get that child under control.  Get them under control or get them out of the room!

I learned a lot from teaching four year old children.  A time forever treasured in my heart.

Today, we could learn a lot from a 4-year old.

I am thinking it might be beneficial for our leaders to take a refresher course of a 4-year old student.  They would learn a lot about how to treat one another.  They would learn how to say, “I am sorry,” amongst a lot of other cheerleading sayings.

Years ago, I spent time with my grandchildren sitting out under a tree – doing nothing but enjoying one another.  I can still hear those treasured words so long ago, “Grandma, can we do this again?”

Yep!  The simple things in life are true treasures!