For three years – no actually 11 years, I have been belittled.  In your face.  Laughed at.  Ignored. What does it mean to be “belittled?”

Belittled: to speak slightingly of DISPARAGE belittles her efforts
2to cause (a person or thing) to seem little or less –  curiosity so vast that it almost belittled the main matter— Mark Twain
– Merriam-Webster Dictionary
It hasn’t just happened to me; it has happened to millions of people living in America.
Common Sense
I look back at my life of almost 70 years now and I realize that I have quite a bit of wisdom and knowledge stored up – so why am I being quiet?
For many reasons – mainly because I was raised to be kind to others – to try to find the best in all men.  My mom’s words echoing in my memory: “IF you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say nothing at all!”
I have been around children all my life and I have tried to be an example by teaching and showing others how to be kind to one another.  As a Preschool Teacher of four year old’s, I constantly looked out over them, protecting them from unkind words – unkind actions.  Stopping throughout the day to have a “sit-down and talk” session to review those words and actions with those involved.  Because of that, many young children have been taught how to love one another.
This might seem silly to you.  But it is a simple truth.
I would willingly offer my gifts of wisdom and knowledge to those in leadership to give them a refresher course on being kind and caring to mankind.  To help others to remember how to treat one another and to care for one another.
I am not in the position of being like the Scare Crow from the Wizard of Oz, where I am in need of a brain.  Despite what others have said about the average American out there working hard for a living, I know how to make choices.  I read the news daily. Well not really, because most news sources today fit nicely into the Tabloid or Comic Section.  There really isn’t much news.
America is a place where many come from many different backgrounds.  The history of our Country shows how many people came upon our shores to become citizens not to change America, but to become a part of our belief system.Too many leaders have stepped outside of those boundaries and have started making up their own rules as they go.  That is wrong.  They are trying to tell others how to think – when to think – when to speak – when to be silent. And to mainly think and speak just like them, or one must stay quiet.  That is wrong.
It was back in the early 1960’s when many of the first Cuban families came to our Country.  I lived in Miami, Florida at the time and I was in fifth grade at school.  I remember teachers taking the time to tell us what had happened and how to welcome our new students to class.  I ended up with many new friends.  It was not an easy adjustment for anyone of us, but we strove to be kind to one another.  We strove to make each other feel good about ourselves.  We stood up for one another.  We learned many valuable lessons.
I have lived in other countries.  I learned the culture.  I respected the culture.
I have lived in many different states in America.  I learned early in life what it means to be the “new kid on the block!”   Maybe that is why I have spent a lifetime trying to make others feel comfortable and valued.
But I must admit, I am tired of being belittled.  Devalued.
Without a little love – wisdom – knowledge – experience, I am afraid many made it through the growing up years not knowing what it means to be a friend.  And I am thinking some of them made it to leadership roles in America, without those skills.  It makes me sad – such basic information missed out on.  It’s not too late, to have a refresher course in this common sense stuff.
Seek.  And you will find.