The House of Toddlers

Once in our country, there was a place that was called the House of Representatives. Its hard to remember what their job was.  And maybe even today, there are many who do not know.


In reality, they are there to represent the people from their hometown.  Their districts.  They are the voice of the people.  But something happened. An invasion. A revolution of sorts. An explosion.

37209438 - vector cartoon colorfull crying baby isolated background

At sometime, somewhere, toddlers revolted and they have not left the house.  They are in every room, waiting for an adult to enter so that they can throw tantrums.


They must be dealt with one-on-one. Removed physically and taken home.  To some place that they can be taken care of.

For many of these representatives, they have been left far too long in the house and there has been many explosions taking place and someone needs to deal with the messy diapers left behind.

And in many districts, the mess has flowed out into their streets and left.  No one speaks of the mess. No one asks who is going to clean up this mess.  Its like, if we wait long enough, it will disappear – just like the toddlers with overflowing sewage.

As the people in this country, we have the right to remove them.  There is a time and place coming soon that we can do this. It is up to the people to clean out their districts and bring sanity back in many ways.  It will take time, but it can be done.

Who is your representative? Or better yet, who is your toddler representing you? Find out what they are doing and if they have messy diapers, you might consider helping to remove the mess.