Portals of Welcome

Port of Entry.  

US Port of Entry Blaine Washington - BLAINE / WASHINGTON - APRIL 13, 2017

How many times have you traveled in America and you had to stop at a Port of Entry to get to the next State?

I have done just that for years.  There is always a legal way to enter a home – a store – a State – a Country.

Port of Entries are placed throughout our Country for a purpose.  So can I say, “The Port of Entry is not placed there so that you can figure out another way to get through?”

We have leaders in our Country who spend all their time battling against truths, laws, order to allow unknown people passage into our Country.  They know absolutely nothing about these people.

In Colorado this week, protesters took down an American flag and replaced it with a Mexican flag.  That’s right!  You read that correctly.

What is next?

Retirement is right around the corner for me.

So what is next for me?

Letting my voice be heard.  Finding ways to help others find their voices.  Travel.  Stories.  Real stories. Stories about everyday American Citizens.  No Fake News along the way.  As I travel, I will respect the port on entries.  Not sure how it will all look, but I am confident that in the coming year, you will hear more from this Grandma.