I’m Sorry

Simple. Words. Yet. So. Difficult. To. Say.

Why is that?  Why is it so hard to say I am sorry?


I have worked with children most of my life.  I have seen many children have difficulty saying those words.  And yet, once they are said with a true heart, the words heal their little souls.

Yep!  Every time!

In our mess today, here in America, there are many leaders – examples who have positions out there in public.  For two years some of these leaders have spouted untruths, a.k.a  lies, and are now being faced with making those wrongs right.

What will they do?  Will they just pretend it never happened?  Will they just get angry and refuse?  What will they do?

Remember.  Always.  Saying that you are sorry brings healing to your soul.  Deep down forgiveness.


Integrity – Priceless

Today, everyone has an opinion about everything.

Creativity is being curbed.

It has become a cookie-cutter world.


Whatever happened to children being encouraged to be all that they were intended to be?  Encouraged to discovered their talents and gifts?

A person opens up a business excited about using their creative gifts to create.  And yet, it doesn’t take long, before others come along and start telling them what they can and cannot create.

Integrity.  It is priceless.

What is integrity?

Definition of integrity

1firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values :INCORRUPTIBILITY
2an unimpaired condition SOUNDNESS
3the quality or state of being complete or undivided COMPLETENESS (Meriam-Webster)
I have always tried to define my moral and artistic values to others.  To stand firm in my beliefs.  Integrity is important to me.
Whatever happened to integrity in our State Government?
When did schools start telling students how to think?  When did schools stop encouraging children to think for themselves?
Yes, we need to be kind to one another.  We need to encourage one another.  But we cannot continue to control and manipulate others to do what we want them to do.
Think about it today.  How would you define integrity in your life?  Are you consistent in your moral and artistic values?
One thing about being a grandmother, I have enjoyed watching my grandchildren grow in their moral and artistic values.  Discovering who they are.  Encouraging them to dream about their futures.  To be the best that they can be.

A Mother’s Heart

Time does have a way of telling.

It saddens my heart to see so many changes that have taken place over the years that I have walked earth.  Don’t get me wrong – for there have been many good things that have happened too.

But today, I am focusing upon death.  Abortion.  Murder.  However you want to describe it.

Belly of pregnant woman and heart symbol outdoors

My last child was born in 1974.  Just about a year after the Roe vs. Wade decision.

My husband was stationed at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.  During that year after that Decision, I knew of young women in the Air Force at that time too – who had two to three abortions from the onset of that Decision.  Yes, women killing babies while I was still carrying my baby in womb.  Yes, women using abortion for birth control.

Over the years, I have watched the progress of consequences of that Decision made in 1973.  It has not been an easy journey for the human fetus.

42 billion deaths world-wide in 2018.  That is abortion alone – 42 billion!  It was the leading cause of death!  And we call ourselves humane.

Now in New York, just a few days ago, a group of people standing around a man with a pen in his hand, smiles on their faces, signing away more babies to death.  Up to the day of birth, a mother can make a decision to kill her baby.

What really interests me – is the mother’s heart.  None of these decisions sound like the mother’s heart.  How could a mother decide to kill her baby one day before birth?

I watched a movie the other day, “Back to Zero!”  I would recommend the movie.  It does have a few scenes that can be fast-forwarded through, but so worth the time to watch it.

Women.  Women who have endured stillborn births.  Women who have carried babies to full-term knowing that the baby was dead in womb.  I can’t even imagine.

I had a friend many years ago endure that.  Carrying a baby that she knew was already dead to full-term.  It was unbearable.  She also had many miscarriages.  She was able to carry two children to full-birth and were born healthy.

Just imagine!  One day in a hospital in New York.  One mother comes in to give birth to a baby that is already dead in her womb – going through the motions – only to maybe hold that stillborn baby a couple of hours and then go to the cemetery to say goodbye once again.

And in comes another mother, whose child is leaping inside her womb, arriving to kill her baby.  There are no words for me to express my thoughts on this.  For in the years that I have walked earth, women have willingly given up their lives for their children.  That is a mother’s heart.

Now for a sadder thought.  What will become acceptable in another five or ten years?  That a mother will be given seven to ten days after birth, to decide if she wants to keep that baby or kill it?

Time will only tell!


An Unexpected Lesson

Lessons come in many shapes and sizes.  Lessons come from young and old alike.  For many it comes in unexpected ways.

lesson unexpected

I realized this morning, that I have learned a lesson over the past couple of years from my President.  Yes, that’s right!  My President!

He has taught me how to stand against bullying.  He has taught me how to stand against lies – and deceit – and hatred.  He keeps moving forward working on the promises that he made while campaigning for presidency.

I see people everyday struggling with life in general.  And many of them are lying flat out on the ground and are unable to get up!  Defeated.  Heartbroken.

But each and everyday for the past two years, President Trump gets up and continues on – doing what he promised he would do.

That to me is worth something.

Be on the look out each and every day for little lessons – little nuggets that encourage you to continue on your journey.  Strive to find the good in people.  Strive to help another to believe that they can get up – clean their face – and move forward.

Thank you Mr. President.


Learning to share is one of the first goals in life.  Little ones do not like to share.  And it takes some great techniques to encourage them to share things with others.

That is why I find it so amazing that in our government, so many leaders have forgotten how to share.


As kids get a little older, one thing they like to do at lunch time is to see what everyone else brought for lunch.  It is a common sight at lunch to share with others what you have brought for lunch.  I have seen kiddos bargaining at the lunch table with others.

I thought of an example just with fruit.  Between several different children, an average day would see some grapes, oranges, bananas, and apples.  It would not be uncommon to see the bargaining start with I will give you five grapes for one-half of your orange.

It always works out well when each one is willing to share equally.

But every once in awhile, where you have a child or two who are more interested in their own desires than that of others, the bargaining doesn’t go so well.  And sometimes you will see the bargaining almost become bullying.  Yes,  that is what I said.  Bullying.

This is what we are seeing within our government leaders right now.  Those that only want their way and they are going to get it at the cost of all others. I am thinking some of these leaders forgot their skills learned in preschool and kindergarten.

I know a lot of people who are tired of the bickering and complaining and deceit taking place in Washington DC all for politics and not for the welfare of citizens.

It would be most beneficial for Washington DC to host preschoolers to teach them how to share – to have a refresher course in kindness – in sharing.

I mean, even my dogs know how to share!

Even Dogs Know How to Share

Just saying.

Become as a Child

Have you ever been around four year old children?  Have you ever had the privilege of teaching them?

I Have!

There is something magical and glorious about that age.  They are like little sponges soaking up everything around them.  They believe in justice – in fairness.  And they believe in mercy.

girl sitting under tree

At this age, they are truly discovering who their are.  It is a time where a human being truly relates to one another.  Given the right teacher, these little sponges become great cheerleaders.  Yes!  Cheerleaders.  They start realizing that they are not all just a like – but unique.  Unique in their gifting.

It is definitely a great year of discovery!

Expectations.  As adults, we have expectations of children knowing how to be well behaved – well mannered.  If a child is acting up, we expect a parent to get that child under control.  Get them under control or get them out of the room!

I learned a lot from teaching four year old children.  A time forever treasured in my heart.

Today, we could learn a lot from a 4-year old.

I am thinking it might be beneficial for our leaders to take a refresher course of a 4-year old student.  They would learn a lot about how to treat one another.  They would learn how to say, “I am sorry,” amongst a lot of other cheerleading sayings.

Years ago, I spent time with my grandchildren sitting out under a tree – doing nothing but enjoying one another.  I can still hear those treasured words so long ago, “Grandma, can we do this again?”

Yep!  The simple things in life are true treasures!


Stranger Danger

I am willing to bet that there are many of you out there in a younger generation that learned those words:

Stranger Danger

I know that my children were taught those words.  They came from a military and police family.  At a very young age they knew the dangers that were out there.

Unexpected meeting, business competition.

Stranger danger wasn’t put out there to say that everyone out there would harm them.  It was meant to be a caution until we know.

Sadly, our country is split right now.  And the dividing line widens everyday.  It widens mainly from misinformation.

When we don’t protect our country, we are not being careful in protecting our citizens.  We must be aware of who is crossing our borders.  We can’t just bury our heads in the sand and pretend that it will be okay – that it will all work out.

Walls at our borders help slow down those who are crossing our borders illegally.  There will always be those who are good people – looking for a better life.  And yet there will always be those who come to harm our people.  AND BECAUSE of that reason, we must listen to our border agents and hear what they need to protect us.  They are out there doing it everyday – they know.

We don’t know what is needed because we are not there.  We only hear a lot of arguing going on – that becomes unreasonable.  Maybe if each one of us spent just one day shadowing one of the border agents, our hearts would change and say, “Give our border agents what they need!”

There are children who are traveling in these groups of illegal aliens who already know what a “stranger danger” person is.  They are being abused as they cross desert land.  They need to be able to come through the proper gate so that they can be protected.

I have lived a life-time already.  I have seen so many different changes in our country.  Some for good.  Some not so good.  But America has a good foundation.  Evil people want to destroy those solid foundations not for good – but for evil and selfish ways.

We must keep the foundations of our country.  And we must come together with sincere hearts to protect those foundations. We must be reasonable.  We must be of sound mind.

And more than anything, we must hear the hearts of our border patrol.