Temper Tantrums

The last few days, I can hardly view any social media news – even the regular news.

It’s the same old thing – over and over and over again!

Ground Hog Day intensified.

So as I sit this morning, enjoying morning coffee, temper tantrums came to mind.

Naughty kids (siblings) fighting mother's attention, jealous girl tugging her mother's hand, little toddler boy crying. Mum carrying third child, little baby in baby sling. Hand drawn illustration.

Being a grandma, I have seen more than my share of temper tantrums over the years.  I have experienced the small child that follows you from room to room throwing their little self on the floor, hoping to break me so that he/she may have their way.  Even though most of the time, that child doesn’t really know what it wants or needs.

So this morning, I started to punch through news media, and I had to come to a halt.  What in the world am I doing.?  As I open up a page, its just a reminder of another tantrum being thrown. Never ending. Ongoing for over two years. When will it end?

In social media and in society, I go about and I see not just one toddler throwing a tantrum, but I see thousands upon thousands – day after day – throwing themselves out there on the ground, in public, with the same tantrum.

I am not even talking toddlers.  I am talking adults acting like toddlers.  Leaders acting like toddlers.  Throwing fits everywhere!

I declare today, “That is not news! It is nothing more than a bunch of ill-behaved adults throwing fits to get their way.  And remind you, for over two years now!

As a grandma, I am tired of it.  As a human being, I am tired of it.

Need I remind others, that we are to be growing up – maturing – learning how to respond to one another without all the fits?

So today, I just closed the page and said I am not staying in this room filled with a bunch of toddlers throwing themselves on the ground. And I am going to continue to close those pages with the ranting and raving – the lies and deception, and go about my journey of encouraging others to seek out love and find ways to be creative and encouraging.

So today, I am done! I’m thinking its time to go out and enjoy nature!

yellow flower.jpg


Learning to share is one of the first goals in life.  Little ones do not like to share.  And it takes some great techniques to encourage them to share things with others.

That is why I find it so amazing that in our government, so many leaders have forgotten how to share.


As kids get a little older, one thing they like to do at lunch time is to see what everyone else brought for lunch.  It is a common sight at lunch to share with others what you have brought for lunch.  I have seen kiddos bargaining at the lunch table with others.

I thought of an example just with fruit.  Between several different children, an average day would see some grapes, oranges, bananas, and apples.  It would not be uncommon to see the bargaining start with I will give you five grapes for one-half of your orange.

It always works out well when each one is willing to share equally.

But every once in awhile, where you have a child or two who are more interested in their own desires than that of others, the bargaining doesn’t go so well.  And sometimes you will see the bargaining almost become bullying.  Yes,  that is what I said.  Bullying.

This is what we are seeing within our government leaders right now.  Those that only want their way and they are going to get it at the cost of all others. I am thinking some of these leaders forgot their skills learned in preschool and kindergarten.

I know a lot of people who are tired of the bickering and complaining and deceit taking place in Washington DC all for politics and not for the welfare of citizens.

It would be most beneficial for Washington DC to host preschoolers to teach them how to share – to have a refresher course in kindness – in sharing.

I mean, even my dogs know how to share!

Even Dogs Know How to Share

Just saying.

Blue Jays Caravan

As I sat enjoying my first cup of coffee this morning, I heard a little song bird come to the deck outside in beautiful song.  That is their way of letting me know that I need to put out some bird seed.

The first time that I heard one of their voices, I thought it must be a big bird outside.  But I soon discovered the hearty sound came from a song bird.  I have discovered that we have many types of birds in the woods behind our home.

birds singing

The song birds live around in the bushes and any place that they can find to stay warm in the winter months.  It amazes me how a being so small can survive through the Indiana winters at times.  But they do.  And I try to help by putting out food for them.

So I put out some seed and enjoyed the little birds coming into feed and singing songs of praise.

I walk away to get a second cup of coffee, and the next thing I know there is squawking and cawing going on.  I go to the back door, and see about eight blue jays that came into the community and had swooped down and eaten everything that I had just put out in 30 seconds or less.

I must say that I was a little upset!  How dare those big birds come and take from my little song birds!

Then I thought, what a great analogy!

Today, our country is divided on how to solve the problem of a large group that swooped down and are trying to come into our country illegally and take from those who have been here a long time.

The real problem?  Not working together to find a solution!

All the birds have to eat!  All the birds have to provide for their little ones!  How can I help the community problem?

I realized that I should have put some of the feed into the little bird feeder and put some out on the railing for the bigger birds.  The bigger birds could have eaten and the little ones would still have had some left.  (I just heard one of the song birds chirping in agreement!)

Hatred.  Hatred does a lot to the hearts of people.  Right now our hatred towards one another is bigger and stronger than trying to find a solution.  Sad but true.

I hope that our leaders will come together next week with less hatred in their hearts and more of a desire to find a solution for the problem.

Rewarded for DIS

We have just finished a year of “DIS!”

I don’t want to hold your phone and do your reasoning. 

Hand holding a phone, pop art illustration

This blog is to help you do your own reasoning.  It is a great brain exercise.

Over the past couple of years, I was never quite able to put my finger on the problem at hand.  But this morning, it came to me!  As clear as a Spring morning after a dark and cold Winter.


There has been a whole lot of dissing going on!  Plain and simple!

To “Dis,” is to do the opposite of.  Take a look at a few words below:

Respect                                 Disrespect

Unity                                     Disunity

Agree                                    Disagree

Obedience                           Disobedience

Think about it!  People have been rewarded for dissing!

From a grandma’s heart, that can never work.  It keeps you from being your best.  It keeps you from a journey of delight – of discovery – of joy.  It keeps everyone down.

I see a society dissing its people.  Destroying them.  The name calling has become horrendous.

I have two words in my vocabulary that can work miracles at time.  Two simple words that can change your attitude – your destructive path.  Are you ready?


Yep!  Just stop it!

It is not intended to be cruel – or ugly.  But it is intended to protect you.  To protect your surroundings.

Those words need to be repeated to our Country’s leadership.  Stop it!  Stop dissing us!  Step up and do what is right!

Stop the dividing.  Stop the name calling.  Stop the ugliness.  Just “Stop it!”


This past Christmas Season, there were actually people trying to silence an old song; “Baby It’s Cold Outside!”  I won’t go into details – it’s not necessary.

So I decided to look up the word dissing and see if there are any dissing songs out there!  Boy was I blown away!  And I can tell you that I won’t waste my time to hear the words either.

What needs to happen this New Year!  Stop it!  Stop the dissing!  Then replace it with something of value.

I am not going to do your thinking for you – but I do encourage you to take time to look at what is happening around you.

Well, that’s it!  That’s all I have for today.