A Mother’s Heart

Time does have a way of telling.

It saddens my heart to see so many changes that have taken place over the years that I have walked earth.  Don’t get me wrong – for there have been many good things that have happened too.

But today, I am focusing upon death.  Abortion.  Murder.  However you want to describe it.

Belly of pregnant woman and heart symbol outdoors

My last child was born in 1974.  Just about a year after the Roe vs. Wade decision.

My husband was stationed at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.  During that year after that Decision, I knew of young women in the Air Force at that time too – who had two to three abortions from the onset of that Decision.  Yes, women killing babies while I was still carrying my baby in womb.  Yes, women using abortion for birth control.

Over the years, I have watched the progress of consequences of that Decision made in 1973.  It has not been an easy journey for the human fetus.

42 billion deaths world-wide in 2018.  That is abortion alone – 42 billion!  It was the leading cause of death!  And we call ourselves humane.

Now in New York, just a few days ago, a group of people standing around a man with a pen in his hand, smiles on their faces, signing away more babies to death.  Up to the day of birth, a mother can make a decision to kill her baby.

What really interests me – is the mother’s heart.  None of these decisions sound like the mother’s heart.  How could a mother decide to kill her baby one day before birth?

I watched a movie the other day, “Back to Zero!”  I would recommend the movie.  It does have a few scenes that can be fast-forwarded through, but so worth the time to watch it.

Women.  Women who have endured stillborn births.  Women who have carried babies to full-term knowing that the baby was dead in womb.  I can’t even imagine.

I had a friend many years ago endure that.  Carrying a baby that she knew was already dead to full-term.  It was unbearable.  She also had many miscarriages.  She was able to carry two children to full-birth and were born healthy.

Just imagine!  One day in a hospital in New York.  One mother comes in to give birth to a baby that is already dead in her womb – going through the motions – only to maybe hold that stillborn baby a couple of hours and then go to the cemetery to say goodbye once again.

And in comes another mother, whose child is leaping inside her womb, arriving to kill her baby.  There are no words for me to express my thoughts on this.  For in the years that I have walked earth, women have willingly given up their lives for their children.  That is a mother’s heart.

Now for a sadder thought.  What will become acceptable in another five or ten years?  That a mother will be given seven to ten days after birth, to decide if she wants to keep that baby or kill it?

Time will only tell!


Becoming the Real You

Children are to be encouraged to use their imaginations.  That is one of the ways that they discover who they are.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, others start telling them that they can’t “do that.”  You can’t be unique and fun and wholly you.

Society is doing that to our children.  Making them all look the same!  We were not meant to be exactly alike.

85645009 - close up of various pastry cutters over dough on wax paper

There is corruptness all around us.  We walk around with sores all over our bodies from wounds in life.  For many, we are not even allowed to express ourselves without fear that cameras will start rolling and others telling us we can’t think like that.

But I am here to tell you that you can be yourself.  You can be unique and fun and wholly you.

For me, it has always been important that I stand for goodness.  That I encourage others to be all that they can be.  We help one another.  We care about one another.

Integrity is important to me.  That others can see the soundness of moral character in me.  To know that I am honesty.  Forthright.  Incorruptable.  Fair.

My integrity has cost me jobs because I refused to do what was not right.  My integrity has cost me friendships.

The older I get, I realize someone has to stand up and speak out these truths.  I am saying we don’t have to be “cookie-cutter” people.

I see in a younger generation that many want to serve others.  They just don’t know how to go about it.  Some of our leaders pretend that they care, so this younger generation flocks to them thinking they will find what they are looking for.

I am thinking this morning, that maybe some of those who have been newly elected as leaders in our county will discover that.  They want to do what is right.  They want to serve and help others.

My encouragement to them – “Wake-up!”  Don’t let the corrupt take away your dream.  Don’t let them take away your integrity!  Stand strong!  Just don’t get pulled down into the hatred and the corruption that surrounds you.

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