I’m Sorry

Simple. Words. Yet. So. Difficult. To. Say.

Why is that?  Why is it so hard to say I am sorry?


I have worked with children most of my life.  I have seen many children have difficulty saying those words.  And yet, once they are said with a true heart, the words heal their little souls.

Yep!  Every time!

In our mess today, here in America, there are many leaders – examples who have positions out there in public.  For two years some of these leaders have spouted untruths, a.k.a  lies, and are now being faced with making those wrongs right.

What will they do?  Will they just pretend it never happened?  Will they just get angry and refuse?  What will they do?

Remember.  Always.  Saying that you are sorry brings healing to your soul.  Deep down forgiveness.


An Unexpected Lesson

Lessons come in many shapes and sizes.  Lessons come from young and old alike.  For many it comes in unexpected ways.

lesson unexpected

I realized this morning, that I have learned a lesson over the past couple of years from my President.  Yes, that’s right!  My President!

He has taught me how to stand against bullying.  He has taught me how to stand against lies – and deceit – and hatred.  He keeps moving forward working on the promises that he made while campaigning for presidency.

I see people everyday struggling with life in general.  And many of them are lying flat out on the ground and are unable to get up!  Defeated.  Heartbroken.

But each and everyday for the past two years, President Trump gets up and continues on – doing what he promised he would do.

That to me is worth something.

Be on the look out each and every day for little lessons – little nuggets that encourage you to continue on your journey.  Strive to find the good in people.  Strive to help another to believe that they can get up – clean their face – and move forward.

Thank you Mr. President.

Become as a Child

Have you ever been around four year old children?  Have you ever had the privilege of teaching them?

I Have!

There is something magical and glorious about that age.  They are like little sponges soaking up everything around them.  They believe in justice – in fairness.  And they believe in mercy.

girl sitting under tree

At this age, they are truly discovering who their are.  It is a time where a human being truly relates to one another.  Given the right teacher, these little sponges become great cheerleaders.  Yes!  Cheerleaders.  They start realizing that they are not all just a like – but unique.  Unique in their gifting.

It is definitely a great year of discovery!

Expectations.  As adults, we have expectations of children knowing how to be well behaved – well mannered.  If a child is acting up, we expect a parent to get that child under control.  Get them under control or get them out of the room!

I learned a lot from teaching four year old children.  A time forever treasured in my heart.

Today, we could learn a lot from a 4-year old.

I am thinking it might be beneficial for our leaders to take a refresher course of a 4-year old student.  They would learn a lot about how to treat one another.  They would learn how to say, “I am sorry,” amongst a lot of other cheerleading sayings.

Years ago, I spent time with my grandchildren sitting out under a tree – doing nothing but enjoying one another.  I can still hear those treasured words so long ago, “Grandma, can we do this again?”

Yep!  The simple things in life are true treasures!